Giving Is Better: It Is a Scientific Fact!

Well... receiving is good too.

Ruth Benedict one of the most famous anthropologists of the twentieth century did some very important research that few people actually know about. Her research had to do with finding out what makes people happy.

Ruth studied many different types of people, groups and communities, including a number of North American Indian tribes. One day she realized that in some tribes nearly all people where happy. They laughed a lot; they were friendly; they were kind. In other tribes nearly everyone was basically unhappy. They were unfriendly; they did not laugh much; it was depressing to be around them.

Dr. Benedict decided to study scientifically why the people in some tribes were happy and unhappy in others. She studied all kinds of factors: family, politics, environment, economics, geography. She just could not figure out the difference between the two groups of people.

Then, one day, after several years of study, she found the answer. The reason she had such difficulty trying to figure out the difference between the happy people and the morose ones was because it was not a factor or set factors that made the difference. IT WAS A RELATIONSHIP.

Ruth found that in the tribes where people were happy they felt that they were giving of themselves in their daily activities, AND that what they were doing was also good for themselves. The key was the relationship between community and individual. If you feel that what you are doing is good for others and good for yourself, then you will be happiest.

It is a scientific fact!

Ruth Benedict called this synergy.

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Giving - being of value to another person, a community or society, without expectation of return.

Charity - loving kindness towards others, or generosity in giving to the needy.

Tithing - the act of giving one tenth of the annual produce from agriculture etc. This used to be paid in the form of a tax to support the Church.




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